Earlier I wrote a post showcasing over 12 mega icon sets for designers. Most of those icon sets had over 100 icons per set.

Now I want to touch on 10 other icon sets from DryIcons — one of the sites featured in the previous post. These sets may not have as many icons in them as the others, but they are very useful and unique.

The icon sets below come in 3 formats for Windows, Linux and Macs: ICO, PNG and ICN.

Ruby Extended Icon Set

Ruby Extended icon set

The Ruby Extended icon set probably should have been included in the earlier post, but I honestly missed it the first time around. The set includes 238 red and white, beautifully polished icons. There is also another multimedia extension set of 13 icons in the same style.

The icons include: hardware, databases, media controls, e-commerce, graphs and more. This is a fantastic icon set if you’re working with a specific color scheme.


Coquette icon set

Coquette is a fun icon set with rounded curves and bright, bold colors. It includes 50 icons — symbols, email, chat and other icons that would be good for general site or blog design.

Coquette Part 2

Coquette Part 2 icon set

Coquette Part 2 contains 50 more icons in the same style as the original Coquette set. This set is geared more toward e-commerce icons, with icons for shopping carts, user actions, monetary symbols and more.


Balloonica icon set

If you’re looking for a unique icon set, Balloonica is for you. The monochrome 80 icon set includes e-commerce and various symbols inside speech balloons.

Grunge Icons

Grunge icon sets

If you want some icons that are grungy, rough and dented-in, here are 3 icon sets for you: Distortion, Grungy Asphalt and Olive Grungy.

Distortion icons look like what might happen if you drop-kicked your iPhone a few times, with 68 red rounded corners, but all beaten, bruised and chipped.

Grungy Asphalt and Olive Grungy icon sets feature 56 round icons.

Sticker Icons

Stickers - Social icon sets

If you’re a sucker for stickers, you’ll love the following 2 icon sets.

Social Icons

If the last sets were a bit rough for your tastes, the Socialize set will brighten your day. They include icons for StumbleUpon, Technorati, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Flickr, Furl, YouTube, Yahoo! and RSS.


These Stickers icons remind me of the fat, puffy stickers that you just want to poke. The only thing missing is the googly eyes that move when you shake them. The set includes basic internet and monetary symbols in black and white.


All the DryIcon icon sets listed above are released under 3 different licenses: free, commercial and extended use. Please read the differences in licenses on their site before using them in any of your projects.

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