10 Outstanding TV Series Title Sequences

This week, we’re looking at 10 outstanding and uniquely styled TV series title sequences.

Many people refer to the title sequence as the opening credits even though they are not really the same. However, I’ll be using the two terms interchangeably in this post.

The title sequence / opening credits is usually accompanied by visuals and sound that set the mood for the series. This usually includes the theme music for the series (if any).

Previously, I showcased a couple of title sequences from other shows that use specific effects, such as Poirot and Dollhouse. Since I’ve already featured them here on the Blog, I’m not going to include them in this list.

The title sequences chosen for this post are ones I feel are particularly memorable or out of the ordinary.

Human Target (Season 1, FOX)

The opening credits for Human Target immediately made me take notice.

The title sequence makes great use of a grunge/watercolor effect. It borrows a bit from the Bond movies, but everything works well together and fits the theme of the series.

I also like the tilting and suddenly jerk effects (for lack of better terms). This gives the sequence a more ‘real’ and less digital feel, which goes well with the watercolor and grunge effects.

Murphy’s Law (Series 3, 4 and 5, BBC)

Murphy’s Law as a series changed quite a bit from the beginning of season 1.

Season 5’s title sequence was a big departure from the opening credits of the previous seasons but fits with the shift in the subject matter of that season.

My favorite part is the way the Murphy’s Law text/logo appears to be painted onto shards of glass which move toward the viewer at the end.

I couldn’t find the opening credits for just season 5 by itself, so the video below contains the intros for seasons 3, 4 and 5.

Caprica (Season 1, SyFy)

Whether you like the opening credits for Caprica or not, you have to admit that it’s a very unique intro.

I haven’t seen anything quite like it. Beyond the slick CGI and effects, it sets up the plot of the series and is almost like a mini episode.

Hustle (BBC)

Hustle, a series about a small group of grifters (con-men), doesn’t often take itself overly seriously and the title sequence plays to this well.

While the title sequence changes after season 3, both the earlier and later versions use vector-style animation which fits in really well with the show’s fun theme.

If you watch the title sequences, you’ll see some great visual metaphors within the animation (the fat businessman falling for the trap).

Plus, I dare you not to start humming or whistling the theme song.

Hustle Seasons 1–3

Hustle Season 5

Mad Men (Season 1, FOX)

Mad Men‘s opening credits are a mix of vector illustration/animation and retro photographs which is very fitting for the theme of the series.

Eureka (Syfy)

Eureka‘s opening credits are a bit unusual in that they use an “animated images”/Ken Burns style.

It also mixes a small town look with retro-futurism elements and a muted palette.

Chuck (Season 1, NBC)

Chuck‘s title sequence combines vector-style animation, ninjas, and a theme song from Cake that won’t get out of your head. Win, win, win.


The above television series’ title sequences are some of my personal favorites.

As such, I’m sure there are many others that I have either forgotten about or never seen. What’s your favorite television title sequence? Tell us in the comments.

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