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Whether you’re just beginning in photography or someone who is looking to add a little fun into your photographs, here’s a list of 24 fun photography and camera tutorials, hacks and tips.

Camera and Photo Fun Projects

1. Shoot Macro Photos Using a DVD Drive Lens

2. Make a Tripod Out of a Paperclip

3. 2 DIY Tilt-Shift Lenses You Can Make From Plumbing Hardware

4. Tilt-Shift Photo Lens

5. Give ‘Em a Spin – DIY Fun Family Photography Project

6. Create Time-Lapse Photos With PhotoLapse

7. DIY – Create Your Own Bokeh

8. 3 Tips to Turn a Spring Clamp Into Your Best Photo Accessory

9. Home-Made Camera Tripods (Mount your camera to your bike)

10. DIY Bottle-Cap Tripod Tutorial

11. $0 Digital Pinhole Camera

12. Let’s Make a Pinhole Polaroid Camera

Tips and Techniques

13. Digital Photography Tips, Techniques, Lessons and Tutorials (Lexar)

14. Tips For Taking Portrait Photos

15. How to Take Great Close-Up Photos

16. Get Greater Depth of Field With the Brenizer Field

17. Rock Concert Photography – 9 Tips on How to Get the Shot

18. Learn How to Capture Action Shots

19. How to Use Umbrellas–Getting Started

20. Simple Head Shot With 2 Umbrellas

21. Night Photography: Tips and Tricks For Getting the Shot

22. Landscape Photography

23. Top 10 Tips For Great Pictures

24. Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials For Beginners

Great Photo and Camera Resource Sites

If you’re looking for even more photography fun, DIY projects, tutorials and tips, try some of these websites:

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