{openx:8}Problem: You are creating a new WordPress-powered website for a client. Let’s say you have 25 pages that make up the site’s page structure. Normally, you’d have to create 25 new pages. This is a tedious and time-consuming process even if all you do is create the pages and leave the contents blank.

Solution: Use the nifty Simple Add Pages or Posts plugin.

What It Does

Simple Add Pages or Posts does exactly what you would expect. It adds multiple pages all in one go. All you do is enter the titles of the pages (or posts) in the plugin’s text area–1 per line–and the plugin creates the blank pages for you.

You can even create nested pages and generate the site’s entire structure at once:

Parent Page 1
-Child Page 1
-Child Page 2
-Child Page 3
--Grandchild Page 1
--Grandchild Page 2
Parent Page 2
-Child Page 1
Parent Page 3
Parent Page 4

Simple, huh?

You can even add multiple pages to a site with existing pages. Just select a parent page and all the generated pages will be added in relation to the parent.

What It Does Not Do

Simple Add Pages or Posts will not automatically generate page content or allow you to select the categories of posts. It also will not let you change any attributes (other than page/post author and page parent) such as page templates or keywords.

However, if you are wanting to just setup the page structure, then it’s an excellent plugin that will save you lots of time.

Remember to use the Simple Add Pages or Posts plugin to quickly add multiple pages (or your whole site structure) on your next new WordPress site.

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