*+-Updated: 08/03/2011 – Added a live example of blocked non-ad images. Note: This post is not condoning tricking users by trying to slip advertisements past ad-blocking plugins. The purpose of this article to to help keep actual content from incorrectly being labeled as advertisements, and thus hidden from visitors. As someone viewing websites on the […]

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*+-{openx:8}Problem: You are creating a new WordPress-powered website for a client. Let’s say you have 25 pages that make up the site’s page structure. Normally, you’d have to create 25 new pages. This is a tedious and time-consuming process even if all you do is create the pages and leave the contents blank. Solution: Use […]

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*+-Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I am an Authorized Reseller for BigCommerce and this review does contain links that pass my referral info. However, I try to be as objective as possible and highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of BigCommerce. When I first decided to try out BigCommerce (a hosted […]

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*+-Every profession has their own lingo and specialized terms. While terms differ from industry to industry, they all have one thing in common—no one outside their field understands what they’re talking about. For web designers, we have terms like web standards, progressive enhancement, search engine optimization, stylesheets, and mockups. We also have clever little abbreviations […]


*+-Where do you find inspiration for your designs? There are many places to look, both online and off. The important thing is to not limit yourself to just one source of inspiration. Online Design Galleries Many new designers begin looking for design inspiration from online galleries. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with online design galleries, […]

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