A month or so ago, I stumbled across a post that led me to Posterous—a free online service that lets you post to your blogs and other sites by email.

Posterous also lets you autopost—posting to multiple sites/blogs with a single email.

Last month, I wrote a step-by-step tutorial about using Posterous and its autopost feature to post to WordPress (hosted and self-hosted), Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, etc, etc.

This is extremely useful because WordPress’ built-in email posting system is very limited. Posterous makes it easy for people with a web-enabled cellphone or BlackBerry to post on the go. The autopost is great for anyone who wants to make posting the same information/photos to several sites a 1 step process.

More Tutorials and Features

Posterous also has a few more features and capabilities that’s been released since I wrote my original tutorial in January. These features make it even easier to control which sites you autopost to and control the information you can post to your blogs.

Official Posterous Tutorials and Features

The Official Posterous blog shows a simple way to select which blogs and sites to autopost to on the fly using the #url@posterous.com syntax.

It also explains how to assign WordPress categories to your posts with Posterous. For example, add your categories to the end of your Subject like so: ((tag: apple, gadgets))

Thanks to Posterous

I want to thank Posterous for making it simple for non-technical people and those with mobile devices to still post to their sites with as little effort as possible.

I also want to thank the guys at Posterous for linking to my earlier tutorial on their blog and newletters.

I look forward to seeing where Posterous will go in the near future. They seem to be adding new features about every other day lately:

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