Have you ever sent someone a unique gift, but then put it into a boring square/rectangular box?

Never again!

Stop being a victim of BBS (Boring Box Syndrome)—download a free vector packaging / box template and make your own specialty box.

Idee Montabili

Idee Montabili contains 36 free vector packaging templates available in EPS and PDF formats.


Just Like When You Were a Kid

Remember all those rockets and things you used to cut out of the back of cereal boxes and put together when you were a kid (insert tab A into slot B)?

Well, these vector templates are the same basic concept—only cooler.

Download the template, print it out, use it w/ some posterboard or thin cardboard and fold it to assemble your box.

Unlike the cereal box toys you use to put together, you might actually want to show these off when you’re done.

Imagine making your own:

The Idee Montabili site is available in different languages as well:

Go Have Some Fun!

What’re you waiting for? Go download some free vector box templates, print them out and have some fun!

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