I wrote a previous post of some great free icon sets for web and graphic designers. But sometimes you’re just needing one or 2 icons to spiffy up your design and you’re looking for something specific. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a collection of icons and icon sets, but no good way to search them.

There are a couple icon search engines out there that can help you in your search.


IconFinder has been around for a while and has a large array of icon sets that it searches through. You can search icons by keyword, icon size, or use a tag cloud to find icons.

You can also view the license information and other details of individual icons right from the search results window, without having to go to another page.

With IconFinder, you can also test how the icon will look on a dark background by toggling the background color. This is helpful for checking contrast and alpha transparencies before downloading.

IconFinder’s icon search also can be added to Firefox’s search bar, allowing you to search the IconFinder site without going to their site first.


ICONlook.com is a newer icon search engine than IconFinder, but very promising in that it has pretty much all the features IconFinder has.

By default, your search will include all sizes from 12×12 to 128×128 but, like IconFinder, you can filter out the results to find icons of a certain size. I find ICONlook’s way of displaying the sizes easier to use because all the sizes are on display right under the search box (IconFinder’s you have to click a small text link to choose).

With ICONlook you can view the license info, but you have to click the icon and go to another page to see it, which makes it a little less convenient.

When clicking on an icon of a certain size, the page that contains the details about the icon also displays the icon in all of its available sizes-and each icon is labeled so you know its size. This is a very handy feature that I wish IconFinder had.

ICONlook.com doesn’t have a search that can be added to your search bar, but this may not really be too big of a deal to you.

Both search engines have a nice selection of icons that are indexed, but ICONlook has a much bigger selection of icons to search from.

Where do you look for icons?

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