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Keyboard shortcuts are vital for navigating and performing various actions quickly, and are very helpful for designers when working on projects. Firefox has a keyboard shortcut for just about everything.

Unfortunately, finding and remembering them all can be difficult. Also, shortcuts differ slightly between Windows, Macs and Linux versions of Firefox.

Firefox Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Fortunately, AccessFirefox.org—a site dedicated to showcasing accessibility tools and features in Mozilla Firefox—has a great list of Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts. You can filter shortcuts by operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) or view them all at once.

Accesskeys Keyboard Shortcuts

Some websites use accesskeys to allow people with disabilities to access site navigation links by keyboard. This is a requirement for most sites in the UK.

View our list of keyboard shortcuts for activating accesskeys in all major browsers and OS’s. This list contains the keyboard shortcuts to activate accesskeys in Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Konquerer and Epiphany in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).

On the previous version of this site, I used accesskeys for the main site navigation. However, because of no clear standards and the chance of interference with browser shortcuts, I decided not to include them in the current version.

Leave us a comment and tell us what Firefox keyboard shortcuts you use the most.

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