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Updated: 07/20/2011
Note: This is an update of my original post published way back in Dec of 2008. This is not a paid post. However, there are affiliate links for CurdBee used throughout the post.

Getting paid is nice (der!). But writing, sending and keeping track of invoices—not so much. Billing and invoicing are probably the least fun and least glamorous parts of freelancing and running your own business.

Do you use PayPal or Google Checkout to send invoices and receive payments? These are great tools for getting paid, but there’s still an easier way.

CurdBee is great for sending and organizing your invoices online.

CurdBee—Easy and Free Online Billing and Invoicing

CurdBee is a free online billing and invoicing service that lets you send and organize invoices and accept payments via PayPal, Google Checkout or postal mail. Think BlinkSale, but completely free.

Get More Organized

With CurdBee, you can invoice clients and give them the choice to pay via PayPal or Google Checkout. Once an invoice has been created, you can tract it and all payments via CurdBee without having to jump from your PayPal account to your Google account and back to check payments.

CurdBee organizes invoices by their status: Draft, Overdue, Recently Paid and Recently Sent.

You can also keep track of the total amount due by individual clients.

Client Invoice History

A new feature is the Client Invoice History that appears when you create a new invoice.

Select the client name and a list of previously invoices appears in the right sidebar. This is very handy if you use a unique lettering/numbering for each of your client’s invoice numbers. You no longer have to search for the client and then find the previous invoice number when creating a new invoice for that client.

Multiple Currencies

CurdBee also allows for invoicing and accepting payments in 10 currencies. You don’t have to bill clients in USD (US dollars).

You can also send invoices in your own currency and receive payments in other currencies (currently cross-currency payments only work with PayPal).

Simple to Use

Unlike some online financial tools, CurdBee’s interface is about as simple to use as possible. There are only 5 3 tabs to choose from: Home, Invoices, and Manage.

It’s so simple you’ll be up and running in just a couple minutes.

Connecting to Your PayPal and Google Accounts

Setting up payment gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout) is easy as well. Just go to Settings>Currency & Payment Gateways, check the box next to each account(s) you want to enable, and fill in your PayPal email address and your Google Checkout Merchant ID and Key. That’s it. Simple as pie.

You can also connect to Authorize.Net and 2Checkout and allow clients to pay via those services, though these 2 services are add-ons. They can be added for $2/month each.

Another neat feature is that you can see when clients have actually viewed your invoice.

SSL Encryption

Originally a Pro account feature, the folks at CurdBee realize that encryption was no longer a luxury. Now, everytime you log into your CurdBee account, your session is encrypted. Even on Free accounts.

Make It Your Own

You can customize and brand your invoices in CurdBee by adding your logo and choosing the header, header text and invoice page background colors (including hex values).

The only disappointing thing about the color options was that you can’t type in your own hex values (you have to pick from the predefined colors).

CurdBee Paid Plans

If these features are not enough, you can also upgrade to paid options.

Recently, CurdBee changed their pricing plans. Now you have the options of choosing from the Big, Pro, or Plus plans if you want to get extra features.

You can read up on CurdBee’s new pricing and packages on their official blog or just view their pricing on the Pricing page of their site.

Basically, you can (1) grab all the add-ons for a discounted price with the Pro plan, (2) get the Plus plan which includes a few popular add-ons for a reduced price, or (3) go ala cart and pick which features you want.

Of course, if these features are not needed, you can stay with the Free plan which gives you unlimited invoices and clients, and an SSL encrypted account.

Time & Expense Tracking

The biggest change has been the addition of the Time and Expense Tracking feature.

I really like the Time Tracking feature since it lets you track time for each of your clients and then generate an invoice from it. This speeds up things if you’re used to using another method of tracking your time on a project.

You can add Time Tracking (and many other feature add-ons) for just $5/month, which is a pretty good deal.

View the Time and Expense Tracking Demo

Custom Domains and Removing CurdBee Branding

Don’t like the CurdBee branding and URL appearing in the links to your invoices? You can use your own domain by picking CurdBee Plus (which includes a bunch of other add-ons) for just $5/month.

Try CurdBee

CurdBee doesn’t sync with your bank account, interact with BaseCamp, or let you purchase Chilean hiking boots from your livingroom. But if you just want a free and easy way to send and manage PayPal and Google Checkout invoices online, give it a try.

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