Earlier, I wrote an article about how to learn ExpressionEngine in 2 days. It included links to some great EE resources and tutorials. If you haven’t heard of ExpressionEngine or what it is, take a look at an overview of this powerful and flexible CMS.

Since then, more resources have come along to help beginners and seasoned professionals alike improve their ExpressionEngine chops.

As with any tool or CMS, you really never stop learning and improving.

If you have already started learning ExpressionEngine, here are some links to help you improve your EE skills.

ExpressionEngine Security

ExpressionEngine and Best Security Practices Thread

EE Forums’ thread—Learn from EE developers what they do to shore up their security when they put their sites online.

EE Forum’s Security Threads

EE’s Official Forum also has more threads about ExpressionEngine security.

ExpressionEngine Tips and Tutorials

EE Insider

Ryan Irelan’s site showcasing EE tips, tutorials, and videos on everything ExpressionEngine.

Let’s keep this simple: EE Insider is here to help you learn how to develop websites with ExpressionEngine.

This is a great place to learn some more advanced EE techniques.

ExpressionEngine Screencasts

Another site from Ryan Irelan, ExpressionEngine Screencasts is a series of video tutorials at $5 a pop showing you the basics of setting up ExpressionEngine.

Smashing Magazine’s ExpressionEngine Developer’s Toolbox

EE Tutorials, advanced training, modules, plugins, extensions and more.

Smashing Magazine published a huge list of EE resources a few days after I published Part 1 of Learn ExpressionEngine in 2 Days. I’ve since added a link to the post, but in case you missed it the 1st time around, here it is again.

More ExpressionEngine Resources

Leevi Graham’s EE Extensions, Modules and Plugins

Leevi Graham has written several very useful extensions and plugins for ExpressionEngine to extend the CMS even further.

EE Install Best Practices

Learn the best practices of installing EE, setting it up, which extensions and plugins are worth installing and how to duplicate an existing EE install.

Continue Learning

ExpressionEngine is the most flexible and powerful CMS on the planet at the moment. Hopefully, you’ll find these resources useful and can use them to build more secure and powerful websites.

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