One of the things every business, designer or freelancer needs is professionally-printed business cards.

Never underestimate the impact a business card can have on people’s impression of your business and services.

A well-designed business card* can make you stand out and help people remember you.

*Note: Perforated card stock purchased from Wal-Mart and printed on your inkjet does not count as a well-designed business card.

Since I’ve used in the past, I decided a few weeks ago to use them again to get some new business cards printed.

The Results

A few days after completing my design and placing my order, I received a brand new order of 500 3 ½ in × 2 in business cards.

I’m very pleased with the way the cards printed and thought you might like to see the results:


Front and back of the new cards (in 14pt. Cover Gloss)

My new cards contain both a front and back design in full color–the front landscape, and the back portrait.

Although the front of the card has my website address, the back of the card contains all my contact info such as my name, site address, phone number (Google Voice), email and Twitter account.

Create Your Own Business Cards Easily

Creating and ordering my business cards was straightforward.

  1. Select your card size and download the appropriate template (PSD, EPS, etc) from
  2. The template contains guides showing the safe printing areas which will help you when creating your design
  3. Make sure you’re working in CMYK and that all your images, graphics and text are in 300 DPI

From there, start your order, choose your card size, and upload the front and back images you created to

If you need help designing your business cards, I can help you create a memorable design.

Professional Printing at Great Prices offers quality business card printing services (as well as many other options) for very reasonable prices.

10% OFF All UPrinting Products!

If you’ve never tried UPrinting before, you can request a free sample kit and they will mail you a packet with physical samples of their stock in various finishes so you can see and feel them for yourself.

Though the cards I ordered are not embossed and don’t have rounded corners or specialty materials, additional printing options and card sizes are available from UPrinting.

Give them a try the next time you need business cards, brochures, stationary, etc–you won’t be disappointed.

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