OpenX admin section before and after the icon set
OpenX admin before and after the new icon set

OpenX (formerly OpenAds) is a powerful open source ad publishing system that you can install and run on your website. With OpenX, you can serve all kinds of advertisements on your site: Google, Yahoo! Microsoft Ads, etc—even your own in-house ads.

UPDATE: A new version of the OpenX Admin Icon Set (v2.0) has been released. Please use this updated version instead if you’re running OpenX 2.8 and up.

The OpenX administration in the latest version (2.6.1 2.6) is pretty nicely laid out—all except the icons. Being a graphic designer, the icons detract slightly from the look and feel of the admin section for me and look like they’ve been cobbled on from previous versions.

For one of my projects, I decided to go through and replace some of the OpenX admin icons with icons from the, by now, practically standard Silk icon set. I liked how it turned out, so I decided to release the results for download.

OpenX Admin Icon Set v1.0


To install new admin icons:

  1. Make a backup of the images folder (and sub folders) located at: [openx-directory]/www/admin/assets/images/
  2. Copy the contents of OpenX Admin Icon Set v1.0 zip to [openx-directory]/www/admin/assets/images/ — thus replacing the images folder (and subfolders)

Optional: You can replace the OpenX logo that appears at the top left of the admin section with your own logo by replacing the image named logo-wtag.png inside the images/ directory. The dimensions should be 170×56.


Creative Commons License
OpenX Admin Icon Set v1.0 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
Based on work at and the Silk icon set.

As far as attribution goes, if you use the icon set you don’t have to put a link on your site, but an email of thanks or a comment would be appreciated.

Note: If you want to share this, please do not link to the file directly—link to this post. Do not place this file on another site for direct download.

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