It’s hard to believe that the Es Developed Blog has been alive and breathing for nearly a year now. This week will see the 100th blog post published, and we’d like your feedback on how we can improve.

The Blog focuses on topics that are of interest to web and graphic designers.

To keep things balanced, each week I publish 2 articles: Monday–web design, and Friday–graphic design.

Over the last year, I’ve seen the number of subscribers to the RSS feed steadily grow. I want to thank all those who subscribe–you’re part of what keeps me motivated to post each week.

I want to continue providing information that you find interesting and useful, so I need your input.

What Topics Interests You?

Please take a minute and tell me what type of posts you’d like to see here on the Es Developed Blog.

Note: The survey will close at the end of Monday, Sept 13, 2009.

Are You Interested in Graphic Design?

If you’re here mostly for the graphic design articles, check back this Friday for the graphic design survey.

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