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Stay More Organized With Thunderbird 3

*+-It’s only been a couple weeks since the newest version of Mozilla Thunderbird–Thunderbird 3–was officially released. This new version of Thunderbird includes several new features. Let’s look at 4 features in Thunderbird 3 that can help you stay more organized and work more efficiently: Sync all your email accounts Better Gmail integration Better Email Search […]

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*+-Inkscape is my vector editor of choice for several reasons. Handles AI, EPS, PDF, SVG and a slew of other vector and raster formats It’s open source and free Runs on all major operating systems–Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Last week, Inkscape’s newest version, 0.47, was released. What’s new in Inkscapes latest version? Lots. […]

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*+-I just had an unpleasant episode that really reminded me of the need to have some kind of encryption on your thumb drives. I was leaving a friend’s house, got in my truck and drove home. I unloaded my pockets as usual and discovered–no thumb drive. I did find the flash drive a few minutes […]

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*+-Monday I posted a list of web design-related cheat sheets, but I didn’t want to leave out all you graphic designers out there. Here’s a list of 30 cheat sheets (most of them printable) for popular graphic design programs, as well as printable photography-related sheets to help when shooting photos. These cheat sheets contain reference […]

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*+-Terragen 2 is a 3D rendering application (Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4+) that renders amazingly photorealistic, film and broadcast-quality CG landscapes and environments. Terragen 2 can create 3D renders of landscape, atmospherics (clouds and sky), lighting, plants and vegetation, as well as animations. Terragen is not a new program, but has really come […]

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