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*+-Pagination navigation is a set of links that allow users to navigate through paged content. Pagination navigation is common on blogs and forums. It’s usually in the form of numbered page links that appear at the bottom of each page, and may also include previous/back and next/forward links, as well as links to the 1st […]

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*+-In a previous post, I wrote about 10 creative ways to use Drop.io. Drop.io is a free online file sharing/collaboration service. One of the ideas was using Drop.io’s voicemail as a way to let visitors leave audio comments. Audio Blog Comments—A New Idea? Short answer, no. The idea of audio comments isn’t new. Paul Boag, […]

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*+-Previously, I wrote an article about the dangers of publishing blog posts from your admin account. If you’ve changed the default WordPress admin user name from ‘admin’ to something else, great. However, if you write a post as the admin, your new admin username will be displayed on your blog. Not good. In order to […]

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*+-Photo credit: Anton Balazh Updated: 12/04/2009–Note: This information applies also to pages as well as posts. Anytime you see suggestions for making your WordPress install more secure, you’re gonna see the regular suspects: Change your database table prefixes Update WordPress and WordPress plugins regularly Change the default WordPress admin username These are all good suggestions […]

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*+-Photo Credit: Vladitto via Shutterstock Lately, I’ve been using Thematic–a framework for building WordPress themes faster. Thematic gives you a solid, bare-bones theme with reset CSS styles, a very basic layout, no color and limited typography. A clean slate. Don’t Touch That Theme! To create your theme, you don’t actually edit any of Thematic’s theme […]

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