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*+-Updated: 08/03/2011 – Added a live example of blocked non-ad images. Note: This post is not condoning tricking users by trying to slip advertisements past ad-blocking plugins. The purpose of this article to to help keep actual content from incorrectly being labeled as advertisements, and thus hidden from visitors. As someone viewing websites on the […]

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*+-Yes, I know this week’s graphics post is of interest mostly to web designers and I’m posting it today (rather than Monday). But I can rationalize it because it still deals with the graphic design side of web design. Ever had to make a form for a site mockup from scratch? It’s a pain and […]

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*+-Due to the popularity of last week’s list of programs and services for freelancers, we’re bringing you 24 must-have online tools specifically for web designers. Testing Xenocode Browser Sandbox Run and test your sites in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2 and 3, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera without having to actually install the browsers on […]

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*+-Here’s a list of 15 free or inexpensive programs / online services for freelancers. The list is broken down into 5 main categories: Backup and Syncing Finances and Invoicing Communication and Project Management Programs and Working With Filetypes Graphics Programs Backup and Syncing Freelancers many times need to be able to work in different locations […]

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*+-Which fonts can be freely embedded using @font-face? Our list of 5 resources will take out the guesswork. One of the most anticipated web developments recently is the @font-face rule for CSS3. The @font-face rule allows for actual fonts to be embedded, so you don’t have to rely on the visitor having that specific font […]

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