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eeSiteKit – Build an ExpressionEngine Site Faster

*+-eeSiteKit is a framework to help you build ExpressionEngine-based CMS websites faster. You’re provided a set of commonly used pre-coded functions, folders, and preset templating system (for categories, navigation, etc) for use with ExpressionEngine. No EE Hacking eeSiteKit however doesn’t use any custom PHP custom queries or hacks that break EE core functionality, so future […]

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Viget ExpressionEngine Book Review

*+-I haven’t written a post about ExpressionEngine (EE) in a while, so I thought I’d share a book review from Mindy Wagner that she posted yesterday on the Viget Inspire blog. Book Review: Building Websites With ExpressionEngine 1.6 If you know a little HTML/CSS but you are brand new to EE, this book will help […]

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Learn ExpressionEngine in 2 Days: Part 2

*+-Earlier, I wrote an article about how to learn ExpressionEngine in 2 days. It included links to some great EE resources and tutorials. If you haven’t heard of ExpressionEngine or what it is, take a look at an overview of this powerful and flexible CMS. Since then, more resources have come along to help beginners […]

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What’s in Your Feed? Web Design Websites Part 2

*+-Previously, I shared some of the graphics and web design-related websites that I’m subscribed to. I think it’s interesting knowing what sites other designers go to for news, resources, tutorials, inspiration and the like. Continuing this theme, today I’m finishing the list of web design-related sites with 14 17 more great sites. Web Design and […]

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Built-in jQuery Support in ExpressionEngine 2.0

*+-The good folks at EllisLab have just reported some good news about the progress of ExpressionEngine 2.0. It seems that ExpressionEngine 2.0 has just achieved feature freeze. This means no new features are likely to be added to EE 2.0 before its final release. More interesting news is that a new addition that will be […]

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