*+-Updated: 08/03/2011 – Added a live example of blocked non-ad images. Note: This post is not condoning tricking users by trying to slip advertisements past ad-blocking plugins. The purpose of this article to to help keep actual content from incorrectly being labeled as advertisements, and thus hidden from visitors. As someone viewing websites on the […]

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*+-Remember the mottos you learned when you were a kid: “Winners don’t do drugs”, and “Cheaters never win”? Well, a little cheating never hurt anyone… when it comes to using cheat sheets, that is. Since there’s such a huge list of cheat sheets, let’s look at some of the useful cheat sheets for web designers. […]

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HTML 5 Gets More Attention

*+-With the announcement from the W3C last week that work on the XHTML 2 spec will be drying up after the end of this year, a lot more interest is being shown for HTML 5. <my2cents> Personally, I’m glad. Not glad that XHTML 2 is going to go the way of the dodo, but I […]

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*+-Many symbols have very different meanings in XHTML, even though they may look very similar to one another. Some common mistakes are using … (3 periods) instead of the &hellip; entity. Or using an x (letter x) instead of &times; (multiplication symbol). While WordPress users can use the Insert custom character tool when writing posts, […]

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*+-I know the title sounds like I’m trying to pimp weight-loss drugs or a phenomenal exercise routine, but I assure you I’m not. Today, I’ll share 10 secrets basic steps I take when coding a site in CSS—steps that will hopefully get you thinking about your coding process. The following assumes that you already know […]

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