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*+-Remember the mottos you learned when you were a kid: “Winners don’t do drugs”, and “Cheaters never win”? Well, a little cheating never hurt anyone… when it comes to using cheat sheets, that is. Since there’s such a huge list of cheat sheets, let’s look at some of the useful cheat sheets for web designers. […]

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*+-Here are 2 quick tips for Firefox and Google Chrome users that let you view the processed source code generated by a javascript snippet. Neither tip requires any plugins. Situation You need to insert a link to a video, form, etc into your site using embed code provided by another website and the embed code […]

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Built-in jQuery Support in ExpressionEngine 2.0

*+-The good folks at EllisLab have just reported some good news about the progress of ExpressionEngine 2.0. It seems that ExpressionEngine 2.0 has just achieved feature freeze. This means no new features are likely to be added to EE 2.0 before its final release. More interesting news is that a new addition that will be […]

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*+-When serving up dynamic information, you want your pages to load as fast as possible. In ExpressionEngine (EE), not only pages, but also code such as CSS and javascript can be served using templates. But when should you use an EE javascript template? How does the use of a JavaScript template affect page load speed? […]

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