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Edit BigCommerce Stores With WebDAV in Linux

*+-BigCommerce is my hosted shopping cart of choice and I recommend it to most of my clients. Recently, BigCommerce announced that they are phasing out FTP support in favor of WebDAV. This mostly won’t affect store owners, but it will have an impact on those to manage a BigCommerce store — web designers and developers […]

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*+-I just had an unpleasant episode that really reminded me of the need to have some kind of encryption on your thumb drives. I was leaving a friend’s house, got in my truck and drove home. I unloaded my pockets as usual and discovered–no thumb drive. I did find the flash drive a few minutes […]

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*+-Today we’re gonna look at how to install Photoshop on Linux (Ubuntu in this case, but should work with pretty much any distro). Here are the ingredients: Toshiba Satellite laptop—Intel Dual Core processor Linux—Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Wine 1.0.1 Copy of Photoshop CS2 Windows Fonts Assuptions We’ll assume that you’re already familiar with Ubuntu and […]

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*+-Here’s a list of 15 free or inexpensive programs / online services for freelancers. The list is broken down into 5 main categories: Backup and Syncing Finances and Invoicing Communication and Project Management Programs and Working With Filetypes Graphics Programs Backup and Syncing Freelancers many times need to be able to work in different locations […]

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*+-Many people equate open source with second-rate or complicated programs. However, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get great tools to increase your graphics workflow. I’ve gathered together 5 of the top free and open source vector, raster and 3D graphics programs available. Vector Graphics Inkscape Inkscape is a great vector […]

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