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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without

*+-Typewriter photo by sooperkuh Keyboard shortcuts are vital for navigating and performing various actions quickly, and are very helpful for designers when working on projects. Firefox has a keyboard shortcut for just about everything. Unfortunately, finding and remembering them all can be difficult. Also, shortcuts differ slightly between Windows, Macs and Linux versions of Firefox. […]

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*+-Cardboard box photo by Philgarlic Every web or graphic designer needs a way to backup their files and keep them off-site in case of disaster. Last month I wrote a post about online incremental backups using Mozy. But if you’re like me, you may want to try doing this yourself. Today we’re going to tackle […]

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*+-Dreamweaver. I’ve been using you since you were in closed beta. I’ve watched you grow and expand. It’s been a long, wonderful trip these last 8 or 10 years, but it’s finally time to bid farewell to you and move on to a more modern, capable editor—Aptana Studio. What moved me to make the switch […]

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*+-My only gripe when I started editing template code in ExpressionEngine was doing my editing in a textarea within the browser. Using It’s All Text in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu How do you keep your code properly indented when you’re coding in a textarea? Spaces are no good, Tab just jumps you out of the […]

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