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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without

Typewriter photo by sooperkuh Keyboard shortcuts are vital for navigating and performing various actions quickly, and are very helpful for designers when working on projects. Firefox has a keyboard shortcut for just about everything. Unfortunately, finding and remembering them all can be difficult. Also, shortcuts differ slightly between Windows, Macs and Linux versions of Firefox. […]

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Cardboard box photo by Philgarlic Every web or graphic designer needs a way to backup their files and keep them off-site in case of disaster. Last month I wrote a post about online incremental backups using Mozy. But if you’re like me, you may want to try doing this yourself. Today we’re going to tackle […]

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Dreamweaver. I’ve been using you since you were in closed beta. I’ve watched you grow and expand. It’s been a long, wonderful trip these last 8 or 10 years, but it’s finally time to bid farewell to you and move on to a more modern, capable editor—Aptana Studio. What moved me to make the switch […]

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My only gripe when I started editing template code in ExpressionEngine was doing my editing in a textarea within the browser. Using It’s All Text in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu How do you keep your code properly indented when you’re coding in a textarea? Spaces are no good, Tab just jumps you out of the […]

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