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*+-Updated: 08/03/2011 – Added a live example of blocked non-ad images. Note: This post is not condoning tricking users by trying to slip advertisements past ad-blocking plugins. The purpose of this article to to help keep actual content from incorrectly being labeled as advertisements, and thus hidden from visitors. As someone viewing websites on the […]

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*+-{openx:8}Problem: You are creating a new WordPress-powered website for a client. Let’s say you have 25 pages that make up the site’s page structure. Normally, you’d have to create 25 new pages. This is a tedious and time-consuming process even if all you do is create the pages and leave the contents blank. Solution: Use […]

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*+-Whether you’re looking to learn PrestaShop, or you’re already working with it, this is for you. We’re sharing over 50 PrestaShop tutorials, modules, themes, and resources for learning and using this shopping cart system. For those who are unfamiliar with PrestaShop, it’s an up-and-coming open source e-commerce system. PrestaShop is still relatively new, but it’s […]

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*+-Previously, I wrote an article about the dangers of publishing blog posts from your admin account. If you’ve changed the default WordPress admin user name from ‘admin’ to something else, great. However, if you write a post as the admin, your new admin username will be displayed on your blog. Not good. In order to […]

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*+-When you’re building a website in WordPress and using it as a CMS, you’re going to have pages that you don’t want showing in your main site navigation/menu. How do you keep those pages from showing up in your navigation? Include and Exclude Specific Pages There are several methods, but most of them require hard […]

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