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Making Invoices Easier to Pay With Stripe

*+-For a while now, my clients have been able to view and pay their invoices online. I have used the fantastic invoicing service Curdbee for that. I create the invoice and an email with a link to the invoice gets emailed to the client. The client reviews the invoice and can choose to pay right […]

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Edit BigCommerce Stores With WebDAV in Linux

*+-BigCommerce is my hosted shopping cart of choice and I recommend it to most of my clients. Recently, BigCommerce announced that they are phasing out FTP support in favor of WebDAV. This mostly won’t affect store owners, but it will have an impact on those to manage a BigCommerce store — web designers and developers […]

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*+-I work with CMS’s every day, and have for several years. But today Statamic CMS launched to the public and I’m giddy not unlike a school girl. So why am I so excited about Statamic? Why should you consider it for your next client project? What Is Statamic? At its most basic, Statamic is a flat-file […]

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*+-Pagination navigation is a set of links that allow users to navigate through paged content. Pagination navigation is common on blogs and forums. It’s usually in the form of numbered page links that appear at the bottom of each page, and may also include previous/back and next/forward links, as well as links to the 1st […]

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*+-Updated: 08/03/2011 – Added a live example of blocked non-ad images. Note: This post is not condoning tricking users by trying to slip advertisements past ad-blocking plugins. The purpose of this article to to help keep actual content from incorrectly being labeled as advertisements, and thus hidden from visitors. As someone viewing websites on the […]

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