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-+*Previously, I wrote an article about the dangers of publishing blog posts from your admin account. If you’ve changed the default WordPress admin user name from ‘admin’ to something else, great. However, if you write a post as the admin, your new admin username will be displayed on your blog. Not good. In order to […]

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-+*Monday I posted a list of web design-related cheat sheets, but I didn’t want to leave out all you graphic designers out there. Here’s a list of 30 cheat sheets (most of them printable) for popular graphic design programs, as well as printable photography-related sheets to help when shooting photos. These cheat sheets contain reference […]

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-+*Remember the mottos you learned when you were a kid: “Winners don’t do drugs”, and “Cheaters never win”? Well, a little cheating never hurt anyone… when it comes to using cheat sheets, that is. Since there’s such a huge list of cheat sheets, let’s look at some of the useful cheat sheets for web designers. […]

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-+*It’s been a little while since I wrote a post about fonts and typography, so I thought I’d treat everyone to some great vintage, retro and art deco fonts. Many of the fonts are free and can be used in both personal and commercial projects, but as always, check the license of each font first. […]

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-+*Here’s a list of some of the best places to find and download free textures for your next project. High Resolution Textures Living up to its name, High Resolution Textures offers jumbo-sized free textures in a number of categories. There are also tutorials; offering tips on creating and photographing textures yourself. Lost and Taken The […]

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