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ISP Issues

I apologize to anyone trying to access the site the last 2 hours. My internet connection has been laggy all day and went down several times. It finally seemed to be working, so I wanted to make just a couple quick edits to the ‘ol Es Developed theme. I went to the WP theme editor, […]

Article Update: The steps outlined below are for use with Thunderbird 2. A newer post for Thunderbird 3 users has been written more recently. Thunderbird 3 makes syncing with Gmail 100×’s easier than the method below. I originally used the Gmail option in Thunderbird 2’s Account Wizard to set up my Gmail account (almost 2 […]

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21 of the Best Posts of 2008

Even though this blog is relatively new, there have been many great web and graphic design-related posts in the last few months of 2008. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at just a few (21, actually) of the topics we’ve covered. Tutorials DIY Online Incremental Backups BlogDesk Part 1: Publishing Posts to […]

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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without

Typewriter photo by sooperkuh Keyboard shortcuts are vital for navigating and performing various actions quickly, and are very helpful for designers when working on projects. Firefox has a keyboard shortcut for just about everything. Unfortunately, finding and remembering them all can be difficult. Also, shortcuts differ slightly between Windows, Macs and Linux versions of Firefox. […]

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Just a quick reminder about something I talked about earlier. Previously, I wrote a post about Mozy—a fantastic online backup service for Windows and Mac users. Currently, they’re running a promotion: Sign up for their free plan and start using Mozy before Dec 1, and get 2.5GB of storage—that’s an extra 512MB of space free. […]

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