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In a previous post, I wrote about 10 creative ways to use is a free online file sharing/collaboration service. One of the ideas was using’s voicemail as a way to let visitors leave audio comments. Audio Blog Comments—A New Idea? Short answer, no. The idea of audio comments isn’t new. Paul Boag, […]

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Previously, we showcased 5 great online graphics apps that could do in a pinch if you don’t have Photoshop handy. Somehow, Sumo Paint missed the list. Sumo Paint is a great online graphics editor. I’ve been using it since version 1 and it just keeps getting better. Sumo Paint is now in version 2 with […]

Tags: ,, an online file-sharing, storage and collaboration tool, is very flexible. I’ve been using for almost a year as a project site and repository for various projects. No doubt many of you are doing the same. But what other ways can you make use of Here are 10 creative ways to use […]

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Personally, I hate being cramped in my office on beautiful days. Other times I just want to get out and about a bit and get a change of scenery. There may be an occasion where you’re out of town and need to know where to find hotspots. Where can you find wifi hotspots? We’re gonna […]

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In our final post in our ‘Must-Have’ trilogy, we’re going to look at online tools and services for graphic designers. Other articles in the series: 15 Must-Have Programs and Services For Freelancers 24 Must-Have Online Tools For Web Designers Photo and Image Search lets you can search 8 of the top stock and […]

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