Last week, I wrote What’s in Your Feed: Graphics Design Websites. Today, I’m continuing with a list of the web design-related websites that I currently subscribe to.

These span from web design inspiration to tutorials, to news to resources. There’s 29 in total, but this week we’ll cover the first 15. Stay tuned next week for the rest of the list.

Web Design and CSS Inspiration

  • CSS Gallery | Website Design
    “Showcase designer’s work and to expand the CSS design community. We propose a classification by color and contents for a better usability.”
  • design|snips
    A very unique take on a design showcase and inspiration site. This showcases web design split into categories such as: problem-solving, navigation, color, banners, callouts, minimalism, typography… This has been in my feed forever.
  • Dezinger Folio
    Design inspiration, but also showcasing Flash and javascript-related code and plugins and WordPress themes.
  • Unmatched Style
    A gallery showcasing some of the best designs on the ‘net.
  • CSSclip
    Web design inspiration and gallery that can be browsed by color.

Articles, Code and Tutorials

  • Web Resources Depot
    Fits into both web and graphic design really: CMS software, e-commerce, project management, XHTML and CSS, vectors, brushes, textures and more.
  • CSS Juice
    AJAX, CSS, WordPress-related posts, tutorials and much more.
  • CSS Tricks
    Chris Coyier’s tutorials (in video format as well as plain text to follow along) on WordPress, PHP, XHTML and CSS, forms, javascript and jQuery and much more. Visit his site and just try not learn something useful.
  • 24 Ways
    Great annually-published (December) site of web-related code and articles. Been around since 2005.
  • A List Apart
    The very 1st site I every subscribed to and the oldest (since 1998) on the list. Literally hundreds of great tutorials, articles and fantastic water-coloring.
  • CSS Beauty News
    Showcases some of the best articles and tutorials from the web. Also has a design showcase of fabulous designs and a discussion forum for code-related topics.
  • Freelance Switch
    A very diverse site dealing with advice for web designers as well as freelancers in general (such as writers and such). Features articles on managing your time, staying focused on your work, dealing with clients and more.
  • Web Designer Wall
    Web design tutorials, trends and inspiration and general technology-related news. Also contains many graphic design-related resources.
    Tutorials, code and quick links to other interesting web-design-related posts.
  • 456 Berea Street
    Roger Johansson’s site features tutorials and articles of interest web designers and developers, with a focus on accessibility, standards and usability.

More Next Week

We’ve only covered about half of the web design-related sites in my feed reader this week. I’ll share the next 14 sites next week in part 2 of What’s in Your Feed? Web Design Websites. Subscribe to the feed.

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