If you know who to follow, Twitter can be a great place for finding information and useful resources.

For the next few weeks, we’re going to showcase some interesting people and sites that are worth following for different graphic design topics and interests.

This week, we’re going to focus on 5 people to follow on Twitter if you’re looking for Inkscape resources.


This is the official Twitter account for Inkscape. Features Inkscape tutorials, screencasts and other Inkscape news.

Follow #Inkscape


Inkscapetuts is the Twitter account for the InkscapeTutorials Weblog. They tweet about Inkscape related topics and tweet when new and interesting Inkscape tutorials are released on their site.

Follow #inkscapetuts


Linuxartist shares great tweets about general Linux art programs like, you guessed it, Inkscape. They also feature tweets about GIMP and Blender as well. This is the official twitter account for LinuxArtist.org.

Follow #linuxartist


HeathenX is the guy behind Screencasters.HeathenX.org — a great source for original Inkscape video tutorials. He tweets often on Inkscape-related topics.

Follow #heathenx


Ryan Lerch has written Inkscape tutorials for the InkscapeTutorials Weblog and posts many Inkscape tweets, as well as general tweets about things of interest to those using Inkscape such as fonts in Inkscape, SVG, vectors, etc.

Follow #ryanlerch

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If you’re still looking for more Inkscape goodness on Twitter, you can also find many inkscape-related tweets by searching for Inkscape on Twitter or your favorite Twitter app.

If you’re looking for general graphics and web design tweets, you can also follow me on Twitter (#esdev).

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