WordPress 2.7

That’s right. The much anticipated update to WordPress-WordPress 2.7 (final release) is making its debut on WordPress.org after months of development, testing and anticipation! Hurray!

Before you go and upgrade, check your themes and plugins to make sure they’re ready for the newest version of WordPress first.

The dust is still settling on the WordPress website (I haven’t heard an official announcement from WP yet), and some links are still pointing to the 2.6 docs, so I thought I’d post the correct links to the 2.7 docs and guides.

Download WordPress 2.7

Is Your Theme Compatible?

There have been some changes to themes for WordPress 2.7-primarily in the code for comments. Do yourself a favor and check out the Migrating Plugins and Themes to 2.7 section if you’ve made your own theme or are heavily customizing an existing theme.

Also, check WP’s list of 2.7-compatible themes.

Are Your Plugins Compatible With WordPress 2.7?

It’s vital before making the jump to 2.7 that you make sure any plugins that you rely on have been updated and work bug-free on WordPress 2.7.

Check WP’s list of plugins that work with WordPress 2.7

Ready To Upgrade To 2.7?

If your theme and plugins all check out and you’re ready to upgrade to 2.7, take a look at WordPress’ Extended Upgrade Instructions.

I’m not making the leap myself for a couple week probably. There are still some plugins that I’m going to wait on be updated before I take on the upgrade.

What are your upgrade experiences? Let us know in the comments.

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