Admin Post Reminder

Why Do I Need This Plugin?

Previously, I wrote about the dangers of publishing blog posts from your admin account. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead; I’ll wait for you.

Basically, if you post from your admin account, anyone can easily figure out your admin username. It’s best to post to your blog from an editor account.

But even if you have a separate editor account setup just for writing posts, sometimes you do have to log in as the admin to change settings, use certain plugins, etc.

It’s easy to forget which account you’re using at any given time–especially if you have your admin display name set to something other than ‘Admin’.

In order to help you keep your admin username a secret, I’m releasing a new WordPress security plugin: Admin Post Reminder.


Admin Post Reminder

What Admin Post Reminder does is simple–it checks to see if the user that’s logged in is the admin. If the user is an admin, an alert shows at the top of the page, reminding the user not to publish any posts while logged into this account.


Regular logged in users will not see any reminder message.

Download Admin Post Reminder

What WordPress Versions Are Supported?

Admin Post Reminder will work with WordPress 2.8+.


Admin Post Reminder doesn’t have any settings–just install and activate.

Simple, huh?

Download Today

You can download and install the Admin Post Reminder right through the WordPress backend or

Download Admin Post Reminder at the WordPress Plugin Repository

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For more information about this plugin and answers to frequently asked questions, please see the FAQ section on the WordPress Plugins page.