wordpress-logo-stackedPreviously, I wrote an article about the dangers of publishing blog posts from your admin account.

If you’ve changed the default WordPress admin user name from ‘admin’ to something else, great. However, if you write a post as the admin, your new admin username will be displayed on your blog. Not good.

In order to help you keep your admin username a secret from would-be hackers, I’m releasing a new WordPress security plugin: Admin Post Reminder.

How Does It Help?

The Admin Post Reminder plugin is useful if you’ve got a separate editor account just for posting.

Sometimes you’ll still need to log into WordPress as an admin to change settings, use certain plugins, etc. It can be easy to forget that you’re still logged in as an admin when you go to write a post.

What Does It Do?

What Admin Post Reminder does is simple–it checks to see if the user that’s logged in is an admin. If they are, an alert is displayed at the top of the page, reminding the user not to publish any posts while logged into this account.

Regular logged in users won’t see the message.

Download the Plugin

You can view the plugin page for more details or

Download Admin Post Reminder at the WordPress Plugin Repository

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